5 ethical clothing brands in the UK - with bloat friendly picks!

As the weather is now changing, and we all dig our cosiest jumpers and thick leggings out of the back of the wardrobe, you may be wondering how ethical our Autumn and Winter clothing actually is. In our last blog post we mentioned how damaging fast fashion can be for the environment, and this is something which has been on my mind a lot lately as some of my clothes begin to wear out and get holes in inconvenient places. I’m in the market for some new ethically sourced warmer clothing for the next few chilly months, and so I’d like to share my findings for a few ethical clothing stores all based in the UK to help narrow down our search and enable us to shop more ethically. I’ve even picked out a special Maia bloat friendly favourite from each store to make your shopping that little bit easier.

Please note, none of these are affiliate links and I am not compensated by any of these companies for mentioning them. They are all brands I am inspired by and I want to share their message.


  1. Thought Clothing

Thought are a small business, run in North London who originally started their clothing line using the sustainable materials hemp and ramie. They currently have their collections in over 1000 shops all over the world. Thought use a variety of sustainable materials from organic cotton, bamboo, lyocell and hemp. All of which have been categorized on their website so you can easily find clothing made from these materials without having to search for it. It’s a beautifully well-designed brand and they have some fabulous basics as well as some unique patterned items sure to keep your wardrobe interesting whatever the season.



Minimum effort and maximum style – The Agnetha Bamboo Jersey Print Jumpsuit has a unique pattern and an elasticated waistband to distract from the bloat!


  1. Know The Origin

While there isn’t much information on their website about how they keep their business sustainable, it’s clear they are willing to speak about the cause and show they are also fighting for the cause by the materials they produce their clothing from. Take a look at one of the KTO Collection items and you can read the story of Charlotte and how she founded Know The Origin with the strong view of wanting to protect the workers behind the fashion industry and to show people that clothing can be made ethically. As well as clothing, they also have a zero-waste section with shampoo bars, face bamboo face wipes, guppy washing bags, toothbrushes and so much more. Oh, and their blog is definitely worth a read! Lots of eco-friendly tips and tricks on there and lots of inspiring content.



Kesh cropped sleeve sweater – A simple, classic addition to your wardrobe, made form organic cotton and with handy side splits that will hide the bloat effectively. A beautiful, cosy looking item which you can dress up or down.


  1. People Tree

The mission behind People Tree is to empower their customers and educate them into making the right choice by supporting Fair Trade and and environmentally sustainable clothing solutions. People Tree have done many collaborations over the years, with one of the most notable being with BBC Earth in 2018. They designed a range of tote bags a organic cotton t-shirts with the ocean and ocean animals at the forefront of this.



Darby Paisley dress – The relaxed fit of this dress is perfect for hiding the bloat and disguising it behind the bold print. Made with 100% Tencel lyocell, which is a recyclable and biodegradable fabric created from pulp of trees which are sustainably sourced. Lyocell is known for being super soft and stronger than cotton so as well being dreamy to wear it will last you ages. And with this gorgeous 70’s inspired print, I would never want to take it off!


  1. Ninety Percent

Another London based brand, at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Determined to make a change in the fashion industry and keep it stylish and affordable while doing so. The main mission behind Ninety Percent is in the name – they share 90% of their distributed profits between charitable causes and those who make the collections happen, meaning a real closed loop system is in place. The idea of giving back to this extent is what makes them so unique and the clothing lines produced are guaranteed to be produced fairly with minimum impact. Beautiful basics, responsibly made.



Organic cotton oversized t-shirt dress – Because big, baggy t-shirts are the best, right? This is the perfect wardrobe staple, it can be worn as a giant t-shirt to sleep in, a t-shirt dress with a pair of tights and chunky boots, or even just as a normal t-shirt with a pair of jeans for those days when you just don’t want to think about what to wear. And no sign of a bloated stomach in sight, it’s the perfect disguise!


  1. Vildnis

Small family-run business Vildnis is founded on the team’s unwavering desire to drive a trend for sustainable fashion and making a positive contribution to the world. They are committed to using the more environmentally friendly materials and production methods, as well as protecting all workers involved in the manufacturing process. It’s the transparent communication provided by Vildnis which shows how honest they are about the processes, and it shows in their beautiful products.



Langamull trousers – While these may not be quite right for the Winter, they’re perfect for a late Winter getaway to somewhere more exotic than the UK. And what’s not to love about the elasticated waistband and side panels?! These are a high waisted, flattering style which will never go out of style. (Oh, and they’re on sale!)



Please feel free to share your sustainable fashion choices with us and let us know if love these as much as we do!

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