5 simple ways we can be more mindful of our planet.

It may seem all doom and gloom at the moment and so many of us are having eco-anxiety regarding the state of the planet currently and wondering how we can help towards saving our beautiful planet. Below are a few simple ways we can be more mindful of the small choices we make which can affect the planet in a big way. I’ve included my favourite product for each section – these are not affiliate links and I am not paid to share these products, they are just products I use every day and would like to extend my support!


  1. Choose reusable products

This is by no means a new idea and there are so many products out there to choose from - reusable bags, coffee cups, water bottles, etc. I’m not going to go into detail about every reusable item but the big two for me are bags and bottles. Whenever you go shopping, whether you’re going to the supermarket for your weekly shop or off to your favourite clothes store to see what deals they have, remember to take a reusable bag. Remember these don’t necessarily have to be plastic bags for life, (although these should be re-used if you have them lying around your house instead of going in the bin!) there are plenty of cotton, hemp and bamboo options out there. If you have unusable plastic bags at home and are unsure of what to with these, most larger supermarkets have a plastic bag recycling facility in store so do check your local shops.

If, like me, you drink plenty of water throughout the day it’s great to have a refillable stainless-steel water bottle to carry with you. They’re washable, you can get them in plenty of different colours and designs depending on which brand you choose and keep your drinks cold for twelve hours!

My favourite is the Moon bottle which I currently use on a daily basis, it comes packaged really nicely, is available in different sizes to suit your needs and is one of the better value options out there.



  1. Check what items are made from, and how they are made

This applies to most manufactured items, from clothing to toothbrushes, and it can be very challenging to source ethically manufactured items on the high street, but the larger companies are definitely feeling the pressure to make changes to their sustainability practices. Plus there are lots of sustainable fashion start-up brands online which need support and are doing something good for the environment so let’s help them thrive over the larger brands!  

Ever noticed that you sweat a lot more when wearing clothes made from synthetic fabrics? Well, this is because these synthetics (polyester, viscose, acrylic, microfibre etc) are essentially plastic made into wearable fabrics.. So while these options may be cheaper it just means we are supporting the shedding of microfibres and tiny plastic particles into our oceans and waterways when they are washed.

It’s not just the material we need to look at, either. We should be supporting companies which offer a fair wage, reasonable working hours and do not allow child labour. Because as unbelievable as it may seem in this day and age, illegal sweatshops and poor working conditions in workshops do still exist, so in supporting companies which care about worker’s rights we can make the world a little bit better.

I recently bought a Club Kokomo towel, made from quick-dry organic Turkish cotton and perfect for the beach, gym, even for showering at home when the weather is as warm as it is now! There’s no nasty microfibres being washed into the ocean and they even donate 5% of profits to the Marine Conservation Society.



  1. Food we consume

This year there has been a ton of scientific research released regarding the effect animal agriculture has towards climate change, and it has been made known by the World Health Organisation that we should have diets rich in plant based foods, and cut down on our intake of meat in order to make a difference to climate change. Animal agriculture contributes to climate change by greenhouse gases from livestock and deforestation due to needing land for grazing, so we should at least cut down on our meat intake and treat meat as a treat rather than something we need to have with every meal. As well as cutting down on meat, and similarly with clothing we should all care more about where our food comes from. For example it would be much better for animal welfare to buy free range, organic eggs rather than eggs from battery farmed chickens and indirectly supporting animal cruelty in this way. Another way of being mindful of the food we consume is the packaging our food comes in. While this is down to the larger supermarkets to find a solution for, we can do our bit by trying our best to reduce plastic packaging where possible such as buying dried foods and staples from a refill shop (if you have this luxury!) and buying milk from the milkman in reusable glass bottles.


I am using The Doctor’s Kitchen cookbook which has some fantastic, delicious recipes which are mostly plant based but does include some meals with meat as a treat.


Read more about the WHO report here: https://eatforum.org/eat-lancet-commission/


  1. Support a cause

There are so many organisations out there who are doing a great job at supporting the planet, our wildlife and our communities but they can’t do it without our help. While it may be hard to find the money every month to make regular donations, even sharing their website or going to events and supporting a cause in a non-direct way helps.

The World Land Trust have my support in their efforts to save biologically important and threatened habitats around the world, and even have David Attenborough as a patron!



  1. Keep the conversation going

And finally, we need to keep talking and keep these issues at the forefront of people’s minds so we can change the way society views our planet and work towards protecting it. For the last week, for example, the Amazon rainforest has been on fire but nobody else around the world would’ve known about this without people talking and sharing, as the traditional news outlets did not mention it. And as shocking as this is that nowadays we find out news this way, it means we need to try and keep the conversation going and keep people thinking about how we can make a change.


Thanks for your support and let’s make a change!


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