Why Autumn is my favourite time of the year

I’ve never been one for sunshine, and any weather which requires me to have my bare legs on show. It’s hot, sweaty, everyone wants to go for drinks at the pub garden and I feel like a slimy mess all the time as I slap on the Factor 50. I feel much more comfortable now Autumn has properly set in and we’re gearing up towards Winter, and it’s my favourite time of year (other than Christmas). Now don’t get me wrong Summer does have its benefits, like the vitamin D my body craves and longer daylight hours, but it just isn’t enough for me to fully enjoy it. Here are just a few of the reasons why Autumn is undoubtedly the best:


Jumpers and dressing gowns

Basically, all the fluffy and cosy clothes. Regardless of whether I am at home relaxing or going out for a nice meal I will be wearing my cosiest attire just because I can (okay maybe I wouldn’t wear my dressing gown out... but I wish I could!)

For an IBS sufferer like myself I find the Summer heat also sets off my flare-ups much more often, I’m not sure if there is any scientific evidence behind this one but I know it is quite common. And wearing multiple layers or a chunky jumper is the perfect disguise for the dreaded bloat.


Boots are so underrated, and apart from trainers they’re my favourite footwear. You can wear them to work, to family outings, to the supermarket, so versatile! I’ve got my trusty Jessica Jones style boots ready and waiting to be worn again.

The chance for a fresh start

All the kids have gone back to school, the madness of Summer has come to an end and everyone is going back to normality. This is the perfect time to be looking at giving yourself a fresh start, there are only three/four months left of the year and it’s the right time to set some goals and put these into action before everyone starts getting their New Year’s Resolutions in. Once it gets to the end of the year (and decade!) you’ll be well prepared as you’ve began your fresh start a few months earlier than everyone else.

Comfort foods

Stews, soups, hot meals and roast dinners galore. It’s no secret that I love food, especially a home-cooked hot meal, and the colder weather means it’s a great opportunity to try out any new recipes you’ve been looking at for a while. More time spent at home means you can have a bit of extra time to experiment in the kitchen if that’s your thing.

Cosy Nights In

Not that Summer stops me from having a cosy night in, but it’s just ten times better when you can hear the rain bouncing off the windows, you’re wrapped up like a burrito in your fluffy blanket and drinking a hot cup of tea. Perfection. It also means feeling less guilty about turning down any invites to leave the house as it’s just so cold and wet out and nobody wants to be on a night out and getting drenched!

Seasonal changes

The most obvious thing about Autumn kicking in is the change in weather, the abundance of rain, and the changes in the scenery. Leaves changing colours from green, to tones of orange and brown and eventually falling onto the floor to disguise the grey concrete pavements as multi tonal artworks you can walk all over. There’s something so simple and refreshing about being outside during these changes. Long gone are the times when you open the front door to suffocating humidity and sunshine blinding you, now we welcome the gust of wind and the chill of the fresh air that reminds you why it’s so great to get outside sometimes.


My next blog will be about how to adjust your self-care routine during the colder months, but the above can give you a head start to this.


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